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Feminist Winter Term ’11 All Over the Internet!

February 8th, 2011

Just wanted to share some reflections on Feminist Winter Term that some of our students have blogged about!

First, the students from Kenyon College–Alicia, Molly, and Colleen–wrote several posts on their women’s center blog about their experiences. Read all the entries here!

Second, Feminist Winter Term student Morgan gave us a shoutout on the collective feminist blog she writes for, Memoirs of a Gangsta Feminist.

Third, blogger Megan (who maintains a feminist, vegan blog all her own) wrote several fantastic, comprehensive entries about the topics she encountered at Winter Term and how her views were challenged, supported, or changed. Read them here!

Finally, we’ve started a Flickr account with some of our favorite photos from this session! Check them out here!

If you find any other mentions of our program, please let us know!