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Feminist Summer Camp 2011

March 8th, 2011

A day by day diary of our two sessions for 2011!!!


Today was our first day of Feminist Summer Camp! After our orientation brunch at Soapbox co-founder Amy Richards’ apartment, we dove into sessions (making a quick stop at feminist sex toy store Babeland first).

Under the topic of reproductive justice and rights, we met with NARAL and learned about Crisis Pregnancy Clinics in NYC and across the nation. We explored activist work within legal frameworks: looking at the way in which policies, research and candidacy are instrumental in providing honest information about women’s reproductive rights.


During our discussion with The Doula Project we heard the stories of three young activists providing direct service care as compassionate doulas, acting as support aides to pregnant women during different emotionally intense moments of their reproductive journey from abortion, birthing, still birth, fetal anomaly, and miscarriage. Throughout the day we grappled with questions of personal judgment, emotional strength, policy, access to information, public and private funding, race and class.

In true feminist style, we ended the day with a fundraiser for National Advocates for Pregnant Women. As we celebrated NAPW’s 10th anniversary we came together with fellow activists and allies in a collective fight for women’s reproductive rights through law and policy, and justice through practices of respect and quality healthcare.