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SlutWalk NYC so Inspiring

October 1st, 2011

The SlutWalk.

I knew I wanted to go. I knew that despite the controversies (is slut a slur and playing into misogyny? Is there more risk for women of color to use the term “slut” as a protest, thus it’s racially exclusive to march under that banner?), I supported the concept and the organizers. I knew that a bunch of my students at the New School had been working hard on it. I went (with my son and my mother).

It was amazing. Thousands of people marching, great signs, awesome energy. As we turned East onto Astor Place, I heard a swell of people yelling “Hey Rapist—Go F**K yourself!” together. The chant grew louder and more decisive. I turned to my left and saw a young woman watching the march, crying—and I felt like I knew why she was so moved. It’s so important to allow ourselves to be in one another’s presence and realize (once again—because it’s easy to forget) that we are not alone in this struggle to end rape.

by Jennifer Baumgardner