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Fourth Annual Anita Hill Lecture on Gender Justice: March 28 at Harvard!

March 9th, 2016

The Anita Hill Lecture on Gender Justice is an annual lecture named in honor of the courageous and visionary law professor Anita F. Hill. Our goal is producing this event is to nurture fearless individuals who will inspire audiences to embark on even greater gender awareness and crusades for justice. The Lecture grew out of an historic October 2011 conference at Hunter College in New York City designed to highlight the activism and good will that Ms. Hill’s bravery spawned.

This year’s lecture will be delivered by Melissa Harris-Perry at Harvard University on March 28 beginning at 5pm. The talk is entitled Intersections of Irrelevance: Violence Against Women’s Intellect in a Knowledge-Based Economy. Anita Hill will be introducing Dr. Harris-Perry, and the event is free although tickets are required. Get yours here!

Juhu Thukral gave the inaugural lecture in January 2013 at Brandeis University. Unlike a traditional lecture series that is endowed and housed at one institution, the Anita Hill Annual Lecture on Gender Justice is a portable lecture series to be hosted at a different university each year (if you want your school to be considered to host, click here).  The second annual lecture was delivered by Geraldine Moriba at Wright State in 2014, and the third lecture was delivered by Wagatwe Wanjuki at the University of Cincinnati in 2015.