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Feminist Camp Summer 2016 // Day Four: (Future) Working Women Learn from the Wise

June 21st, 2016

On Day 4, we got to work as we explored all things careers, including finding passion in a profession. At the insurance defense firm of Morris, Duffy, Alonso, and Faley, Feminist Camp alum Courtney Chenette emphasized the importance and value of maintaining and establishing connections and supporting other feminists and women. She also encouraged us to exercise confidence, reach out to contact, and consider the right mode of communication for achieving our goals.

Next, Dr. Will Simpkins spoke to us about applying to grad school and choosing public service careers. He provided a framework for thinking about what we would like to do, specifically within public service, which consisted of four components we must consider as a whole. Questions we were asked to consider included “What doesn’t feel like a chore?” and “What fits my personality and interests?” Concerning graduate school and other opportunities, Dr. Simpkins advised we be neither debt averse nor overly debt friendly. As a group, we discussed the need to allow ourselves to change our minds in our careers and the benefit of making oneself indispensable at the workplace.

To begin her session with us, Erin Greenawald of career resource asked campers to share our biggest career concerns. Our answers included fears about finding a place in our career for all of our interests, navigating challenging work environments, and realizing our potential and big dreams. She first suggested that we overcome mental hurdles regarding contacting experts in our areas of interest, find champions and supports for our interests and careers, and look for people whose careers and paths resemble where we would like to be. Particularly striking words of wisdom: “You don’t have to limit yourself by the things you’ve already done” and “Put yourself out there for things you don’t feel like you’re ready for.” In parting, Greenawald inspired us to stay open to opportunities and possibilities.


For the next part of the day, we put this advice into action as we embarked on mini-internships! In groups of five, campers visited Bluestockings Radical Bookstore, The Feminist Press, or Women Make Movies. The women of each organization revealed to us what working in their industry is like, and campers experienced their work through completing a few tasks.

We ended our day by watching the premiere of the Documentary Dream, Girl, which celebrates female entrepreneurship by sharing number of women’s experiences starting their own enterprises. The women depicted shared some of the struggles they faced in addition to inspiring viewers with words of advice and encouragement. The eager and energized environment of the premiere built excitement for our final day as Feminist Campers: Music & Art!