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Soapbox is part problem solving part personal manager. We have a more than a decade of experience maximizing the life and potential of books, films, organizations, and initiatives. Our past consulting clients include MAKERS, Peace is Loud, Girls Write Now, VICE, My Life on the Road, and The Feminist Press, among many more.

melissa mccarthy gloria steinemEvents

Soapbox has produced a range of fundraisers, galas, panels, conferences, and community forums. From intimate settings to the 1600-seat Ace Theater in LA, recent events have featured LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, actress Melissa McCarthy, law professor Anita Hill, pundit Melissa Harris-Perry, and many more.

Organizational Development

Soapbox has founded and been part of the leadership of many organizations in the women’s movement and beyond. We can help build boards or design and initiate signature programs and products and write speeches, annual reports, and promotional materials.

Book + Film Promotion

As authors who are also organizers, we use our activist skills to bring a book to its natural audience by creating book tours, DIY marketing, and access to less saturated media outlets. Whether it’s a one-hour consultation or a multi-city tour, Soapbox works with authors to maximize the potential of their work.