Feminist Camp Fundraising

  • Downloads: The amazing CLPP program created a fundraising guide for their conference and there’s some great advice that can apply to all sorts of feminist fundraising! We also created our own Feminist Camp Prep Kit that has lots of fundraising ideas!
  • Ask for funding from your career services office, women’s studies program, school of arts and sciences, or winter term office. Several of our students have accessed this type of funding in the past, especially from programs that offer help with internships and career training. If there isn’t a formal grant available, make a few phone calls to campus offices and see if there is any discretionary funding available.
  • We also suggest looking for flights in advance, finding ride-shares, or asking friends and family to donate their unused frequent flyer miles. We have found that Kayak.com and skyscanner.com are great sites for finding the best deals. Don’t forget that you can book flights to LaGuardia, JFK airport, or Newark and ticket prices vary at each airport. Also, look for local airports that may be an hour drive away but will save you cash on airfare by traveling from a different city. Once confirmed, we can also help get folks in touch for ride-shares.
  • Write a fundraising letter to your family, friends, community members, and clubs. Explain why learning more about feminism is important to you. Remind them that they are investing in your bright future; both your career and your future as someone who will make a difference in the lives of others by learning about social justice. Think of ways that you can pay it forward to your community; offer to host an infoshare or slideshow of your week for your fellow campus activists, promise your career services office a resource packet of internships and job information as a resource for other students, or promise your family you’ll work a certain number of hours for a cause that is important to them. Another strategy is to make a creative pledge sheet — like for a run or a dance. Ask people to sponsor a day of Feminist Summer Camp and let them know that they will also be sponsoring your future by giving you such an important opportunity.