Feminists can be hard to buy for, what with their concerns about human rights and child labor. So, go for an ethically correct and totally awesome gift from Soapbox! Merit badges, Soapbox LIBS, I Had an Abortion bags and It Was Rape DVDs, and of course books!

Want a chance to gain insight and empathy—and fight back against rape culture?

Rape is still common–and still silenced. Puncture the denial a little bit by screening this new documentary. This film is $250 (plus $3.99 shipping) for institutional use. (If you’re screening for personal use, if your institution needs an invoice, or if you have questions, please email

Film + Shipping

Want to explore the feminist side of NYC?

Take a NYC Feminist WalkingTour with Amy Richards and Jennifer Baumgardner! Historic stops include radical feminist bookstore Bluestockings, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, Judson Church (where the Clergy Consultation Service provided safe, illegal abortion referrals pre-Roe) , the original Planned Parenthood, and other feministy landmarks, ending the tour with a beer at McSorley’s (which barred women until 1970). Just $250 for the two-hour experience for you and as many friends as you want!

Want to show your feminist street cred?

You’ve heard of Boy Scout Merit Badges—but think of all the amazing skills and feats feminists accomplish. Here’s your chance to advertise your bona fides with these collectable iron-on patches.  Patches are $2 each – just select “Reproductive Justice” or “Media”!

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Want to read about current feminist topics in a portable, gift-able, bite-sized book?

Check out Soapbox LIBS, our new series of timely texts. The first one is What is Feminism? and includes Jennifer and Amy’s groundbreaking essay “A Day without Feminism”, first published in their book Manifesta! Stay tuned for other LIBS coming soon. (If you are purchasing more than 5 copies, the price is $5. per book!) 

Want to join the effort of destigmatizing abortion?


Snag one of our “I Had an Abortion” tote bags! Each bag is $15.


Looking for a place to keep all your feminist musings and notes?

How about one of our hand-gocco’d notebooks? 100% recycled, lined paper in a convenient 8″ by 5″ size–decorated with the snazzy Soapbox logo! Set of 3 notebooks for $10.

Are you a proud feminist?

Tell the world with our Soapbox Baggu! Each says “I’m a feminist and…” to highlight the diversity of the movement! $10 each, in peacock or neon colors.


For the bookworm in your life: Soapbox Speakers’ Books