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Melissa A. Fabello

Everyday Feminism, Sexuality Educator

Melissa A. Fabello is a sexuality educator, body image and eating disorder activist, and media literacy vlogger based out of Philadelphia, PA. Currently, Melissa works as Managing Editor of Everyday Feminism, one of the most widely read and well-respected feminist magazines on the Internet. Everyday Feminism fosters a social justice community that focuses on the necessity of applying feminist theory in people’s day-to-day lives.

An online feminist who utilizes social media in activism and advocacy, Melissa hosts a YouTube channel, which was created in collaboration with The Representation Project (formerly Miss Representation) to discuss issues related to media literacy and body image. Some of her favorite videos focus conversations around diet culture as a capitalist-driven phenomenon and the necessity of body image activism as a pursuit of social justice. She has worked with famed YouTuber Laci Green as her in-house body image expert.

Melissa is a doctoral candidate at Widener University, working toward a PhD in Human Sexuality Studies, where her research interest is in how the onset of an eating disorder affects psychosexual development. In that vein, she also often works closely with the National Eating Disorders Association, including a current collaboration to curate an anthology that houses a collection of eating disorder narratives that go against the dominant paradigm in memoir literature.

Melissa is a veteran educator with over a decade of experience, including in domestic and sexual violence prevention. As such, her talks are created with student-centered learning objectives in mind, and her audience walks away from her engagements not only with knowledge, but with tangible skillsets. With her background in theatre and flair for the dramatic, Melissa’s talks are as energetic and engaging as they are informative.

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Melissa A. Fabello
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