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Stephanie Gilmore

Feminist Studies

Stephanie Gilmore, Ph.D., is an educator-activist-writer. She holds a Ph.D. in comparative women’s history and has written two books on the wide variety of feminist activisms in the 1970s. She is also an editor for the academic journal Feminist Studies, the editor of the Committee of LGBT Historians’ newsletter, and the founder of Artists Against Sexual Violence.

After 8 years in the academy as a professor of history, American studies, and women’s and gender studies, Stephanie decided to pursue her activist passion to help end sexual violence on college and university campuses. She is currently giving interactive presentations and workshops on campuses, including University of Illinois-Chicago, Northwestern University, Binghamton University, Gettysburg College, and the University of Arkansas.

In April 2013, Stephanie was recognized as a “Feminist We Love” by The Feminist Wire. New for the 2015-16 academic year: A day-long series of workshops on Dismantling Rape Culture! Creative writing, media analysis, legal rights and responsibilities, trauma stewardship, and a public lecture on student activism — all designed to listen to and learn from the very students who are leading the multifaceted movement to end sexual violence!

Stephanie is available over the summer to speak to faculty, staff, and administrators in a workshop called “Rape Culture: It’s On Your Campus and It’s In Your Community.”


Rape Culture: It’s On Your Campus and It’s In Your Community
This workshop, geared to faculty and staff, is a sort of “Rape Culture 101.” We often hear students talk about this term but don’t necessarily understand what it means to them. Stephanie Gilmore, Ph.D., has been following rape culture and student activism for over 5 years and explains what rape culture is, how it operates on college campuses (including your own), and how it affects all of us — not just as faculty and staff, but also as whole human beings with families, friends, neighbors, and loved ones. This is not a HR kind of presentation on the law — it’s a holistic educational opportunity for faculty and staff to learn and share knowledge about the pervasiveness of rape culture in our 21st century society


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Stephanie Gilmore
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