Who We Are

Photo by Jenny Warburg

1997 – Frustrated by people asking “Where are all the young feminists?” Jennifer and Amy start writing Manifesta.

2000Manifesta is published; we start traveling the country on our own ad hoc tour of bookstores and schools.

2001 – With up to 30 events per year, an agent approaches us and wants to help us manage bookings. Unimpressed, we realize we can do it on our own—and in a feminist way!

2002 – Friends reach out to us for help with their own platforms and feminist projects. Soapbox is conceived while sitting at the original Wendy’s in Columbus, Ohio.

2003 – We start booking ourselves and a handful of prominent feminists. Jennifer and Amy are 80% of Soapbox’s business. Responding to questions we receive on the road, we start writing a book about activism.

2005Grassroots is published.

2007 – The first Feminist Boot Camp (then known as Feminist Winter Term) launches in collaboration with Hollins University.

2008 – A University of Virginia student, Carly, asks us to open the program to students from other schools. We say yes and later hire Carly as our only staff member. Her participation paves the way for an expansion of the program to students from across the country and Canada.

2011– 150 students from 30 states (and 2 provinces) have come through our immersion program in NYC.

2012 – We launch the Feminist Intensive for Faculty Program. We continue to work with hundreds of students, schools, and organizations around the world, creating powerful events on and off campuses, and to nurture and feed the feminist movement in all its diversity.

2013 – We host our 15th & 16th Feminist Camp programs and our first ever Feminist Day Camp program for high school students, giving even younger feminists a chance to explore feminism in real time!

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